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tv   CNN Presents  CNN  July 23, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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glad to report it. i'm don lemon at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. i'm going to the see you back here at 10:00 p.m. eastern with more on the developing news out of oslo and also more on the death of singer amy winehouse and the debt talks that are going on in washington. "cnn presents" is next. tonight on "cnn presents," ice wars in the arctic. >> come with me aboard this u.s. nuclear powered submarine as we go underneath the polar ice cap. >> inside the new cold war. extreme chaeerleading. >> that's it! >> defying stereo types. >> and now it's my life. it's pretty much who i am. >> where winning is the only option. but first -- >> three words that describe whitey bulger. >> stone-cold killer. >> he was a mobster the fbi could not catch.
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deborah feyerick takes you inside one of the biggest manhunts in fbi history. the church bells of saint monica, near the harbor in south boston, have sounded for generations of irish immigrants. it's a tight-knit community that has always protected its own. a place james "whitey" bulger, one of boston's most notorious gangsters, called home. bulger learned to fight and survive on the mean streets of south boston, known as southie to locals like john shay who decades later would work for bulger. >> the guy was legendary. >> he made tough guys shake. he made them shake. >> reporter: bulger's life of crime started early. arrested in his teens, he was robbing banks by age 20. his shock of blond hair earning
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him the name "whitey," a name he is staid to disguise. with his rugged good looks and reckless flamboyance, bulger imagined himself boston's version of hollywood's gangster, jimmy cagney. but instead of red carpets, he was headed to alcatraz. a string of bank robberies earning him ten years in federal prison at age 25. he did his time and upon release vowed he would never, ever go back. >> they had no hard proof. "boston globe's" reporter dick larry and justin o'neil ultimately unveiled the deal he cut to make sure of that. >> he got out of prison in 1965 and we started doing research in 1988, and he hadn't got so much as a parking ticket. >> whitey bulger, fresh from prison, went to work as a mob enforc enforcer, but bulger wanted more and federal investigators had said would stop at nothing to get it. >> then he went on a killing rampage. i think it's like a month, he
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killed six guys in 1972. >> he was ambitious in making his move. >> and he was making his move with this man, steve phlegmy, aka, the rifle man. among their alleged victims, flemy himself testified his own girlfriend, debora davis. >> back in those days before dna was in use to identify victims, he would personally get involved in cutting off the fingers or hands of the victims and extracting their teeth. >> tom fuentes, now a cnn consultant, ran the organized crime squad for fbi haur headquarters. give me three words that describe whitey bulger. >> stone-cold killer. >> but why kill debby davis? because she knew bulger's secret connection with another man from southie. >> it was like meeting ted williams. and the idea of equating a gangster to a baseball player shows you twisted values and
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perceptions that is part of john connelly. >> john connelly was a young, ambitious fbi agent who grew up in the same housing projects. back in the '70s and '80s, the fbi's number one priority was taking down the italian mafia. bulger became connelly's prized informant. >> and he did everything, including breaking all kinds of laws over the years to keep that alive. >> in a series of ground-breaking articles for the "boston globe," lehr and o'neil uncovered a dangerous alliance. >> connolly tipped him off and bulger killed him. so connelly had to realize right away how serious and deadly this arrangement was. >> protected by connelly and others, bulger's criminal enterprise skyrocketed. court documents show bulger knew when police were watching, knew when they were moving in, and ultimately knew when to disappear. >> he was shaking down
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bookmakers and loan sharks. this was a guy who was a really bad guy. >> everything that i wanted to be. >> as his power grew, so did that of his younger brother, billy. >> i just want you to know, we're all on this open microphone, mr. president. >> a tough as nails politician, well respected as president of the massachusetts state senate. >> how do you beat a guy, psychopathic with intelligence and the connections that he has in that world, brother's a senate president? fbi is under -- is protecting him? it was, you know, one big family living in the projects like this. >> john shea, now a changed man, once ran bulger's multimillion dollar operation. he served 12 years in prison rather than break southie's code of silence. >> whitey being a rat? stevie being a rat? and this is what i took an oath
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to? an oath of honor. it was heartbreaking. >> documents show fbi agent connelly continued to feed bulger secret information, at times with deadly results. >> bulger got charged with a crime, he could no longer be an informant. >> attorney bill christie represents families of several of bulger's alleged victims, including the family of billy halloran, a drug dealer who cut a deal with the fbi, only to be gunned down as he left a popular boston restaurant. according to testimony at a civil trial, fbi agent connelly told bulger where to find halloran. >> bulger cornered him and shot him 22 times, starting from the leg up to his torso, up to his chest. 22 times with no head shot. so he inflicted as much pain as he could, and also did it in a fashion to make sure that he knew halloran would die. >> in a case of wrong place, wrong time, michael donohue was giving halloran a ride home.
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donohue was killed instantly, leaving behind a wife and three young kids, who to this day blame the fbi in the death. >> john connelly, he's a big reason why my father is dead. zpr there >> there's a hole in your heart and you're thinking about what's going to take place hopefully in the future, and then there's no future with that person. so that's a pretty gut-wrenching feeling. >> in 1994, whitey bulger's nearly 20-year reign came to an end, in what was likely connelly's parting gift, authorities say he alerted bulger to a pending indictment, and true to his word had never returned to prison, bulger disappeared with his longtime mistress, katherine greig, leadilea leading to one of the fbi's greate esest embarrassments and largest manhunts.
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>> what was whitey bulger's life about? >> power, strength, money. he was like a king, that guy. he was like a king. >> coming up, how one of america's most notorious gangsters remained comfortably hidden for nearly 16 years. >> he became tell vis of gangsters. [ cherie ] i wanted to make a difference in my community. [ kimberly ] the university gave me the knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. [ carrie ] you're studying how to be an effective leader. [ cherie ] you're dealing with professionals, teaching things that they were doing every day.
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santa monica is the perfect place to retire. beautiful beaches packed with people. an ideal place to blend in or disappear. that's precisely what whitey bulger did. the reputed crime boss and his longtime girlfriend, katherine greig, setting up house, blocks away from the ocean in a corner apartment, partially hidden by trees. bulger had planned ahead, knowing he may one day run. says tom fuentes, who spent years tracking the fugitives. >> he had, you know, millions of dollars in cash. he took off to a number of different countries and cities and put cash in security safe deposit boxes that could access later. so he didn't need to be contacting people. he could establish a new
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identity and eventually just take over a new name. >> that identity, mr. and mrs. charlie and carol gasgo, a self-described chicago businessman and his younger wife, who were into nutrition and long walks, and who secretly stuffed stacks of cash and heavy-duty assault weapons in their apartment walls. these are your neighbors. >> yeah, that's the way i saw them. >> and that's how you sauls aalw them? >> yeah, always him with the hat. i didn't know he was bald. >> 88-year-old catalina shrank eventually befriended her upstairs neighbors, but there were privacy neighbors you didn't cross, like asking them to hold a spare key in case of emergency. >> she said, let me talk to my husband, and she came back, and she said, no, charlie doesn't want you to give him anything. no, we dona't want to.
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>> by all accounts, whitey bulger kept a low profile, didn't have any problems with the people who lived on his hall. according to one neighbor, he didn't divulge much about himself, but one neighbor said he told him he lived in chicago and fought in the korean wars. from his crime days, bulger knew the easiest way to get caught was to become complacent. so he changed his patterns, even when it came to getting his hair cuts. salon owner, fehima betts. >> i asked him to make appointment, but he never did. he just walked in. never left any number or anything. >> in fact, they had numerous fake identities. after his arrest, bulger told authorities he went gambling in las vegas, took trips to tijuana to buy medication, and even returned to boston on business,
5:14 pm
allegedly telling agents he was armed to the "t." all the while, the fbi was scrambling to find the gangster who had corrupted bureau agents. >> that's probably the worst thing. former fbi special agent in charge barry moen arrived in boston two years after bulger disappeared. he put bulger on the fbi's top ten most wanted list, and had him featured in various crime shows, even in a dick tracy comic book. >> we weren't trying to not find him, and when you looked at what he did, it's impossible to draw that conclusion. >> officials say 12,000 leads came in over 16 years. fuentes leading the fbi's international effort, says they followed up bulger sightings in ireland, london, and south america. >> there was thousands of police officers involved in that round-the-clock operation. so anytime there was a sighting of him worldwide, everybody went
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full bore to follow up on those leads to try to find him. so in a way, he became the elvis of gangsters. he was constantly being spotted somewhere. >> have you seen this woman? >> the break in the case came in late june after the fbi paid for a public service announcement aimed at finding bulger's girlfriend. it never even aired in los angeles, but a new story led to a crucial tip and an arrest three days later. bulger lured into the garage on a ruse that someone had broken into his locker. these are some of the 30 weapons fbi agents confiscated from bulger's apartment. >> van number one, van number two. >> after more than 5,000 days on the run, bulger was brought back to boston in handcuffs, charged with 19 murders. in court, he denied them all. the damage he caused to the fbi still haunts the bureau to this day. in hindsight, do you think the fbi acted too slowly to follow
5:16 pm
up on rumors that there was a leak and a dangerous leak that was letting whitey bulger run free? >> yes. i do think that. >> how this place out is anyone's guess. bulger turns 82 in september. will he cooperate? stand trial? cut a deal? depends on who you ask. >> at that time -- >> but his former drug boss, john shea, now a writer, says bulger has the feds right where he wants them. >> he's playing them. trust me psychologically, he is playing them. is he giving them information? is he talking to them? you guarantee he is. >> so why here? why sonia the statue of santa monica? consider this, in south boston, bulger grew up attending the church of saint monica. perhaps it's just a coincidence.
5:17 pm
perhaps it's a clue, some kind of locator. after all, whitey bulger left little to chance. next on cnn presents, kaj larson explores why the u.s. navy built this remote camp in the frigid arctic. and goes under the ice on a nuclear submarine. and later -- >> no, it's not good. it is not good enough. >> they don't just cheer on the sidelines -- >> that's it! >> a team determined to win a world championship at any cost. >> you know, this is it. this is what's going to determine the success of your year. the answer... it's all in the wrap. covergirl introduces new lashperfection mascara. "the secret" -- the lashwrap brush perfectly wraps each lash for up to 3x more volume. individual volume for "every little lash."
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it's a pleasant 60 degrees at my home in l.a. today, but where i'm going, it could be as cold as 60 below zero. every two years, the u.s. military conducts an operation in the arctic circle called ice exercise. better known as ice-x. the arctic region consists of eight countries that surround a vast ice-covered ocean.
5:22 pm
no one country owns the arctic. there are some agreements that govern who controls what territory, but as the ice melts, those lines on the map are changing and each nation is competing to claim its arctic border, to claim a greater piece of the valuable high north. i don't really think that often about what's going on in the arctic, but with global warming opening up vast riches of resources and with nuclear subs converging underneath the polar ice cap, i wanted to know what's going on at the top of the world and why. as i launched to the arctic, i talk via skype with arctic expert, professor robert hubert, about the spike of activity in the region. >> most of the arctic states are now moving towards the improvement of their combat-capable forces within that region. and no one is, of course, calling for an arctic war or a conflict at this point in time. it is telling that we have two american attack submarines doing scientific research off the coast of alaska.
5:23 pm
prudo bay, alaska, the last stop before heading to the ice station. it's time to get armed with some real cold weather gear. let's bring on the arctic. >> hopefully everyone's been given one of these books, survival in the arctic. >> the only way to get where we're going is a six-seater bush plane. finally, amidst a sea of arctic ice, we spot the camp. >> how you doing? >> hi, sir, i'm kaj larsen. with the u.s. submarines just below my feet, i get my first look at a series of simple wooden huts built in the last two months to protect everyone from the extreme conditions. look at this right here. below ten degrees right now. about 50 people from sailors to scientists have been adjusting to living at the ice station over the course of the exercise.
5:24 pm
>> there's no magazine rack or anything in there. and also importantly the effectiveness of toilet paper is significantly diminished at minus 40. >> just basic survival at the camp is a challenge. >> you can't go outside without carrying a rifle in case a polar bear attacks. while we're standing on five feet of ice right now, we actually are moving 2 to 4 miles per hour. it's just floating. over the course of the one-month-long ice exercise, it will move about 70 miles, just from drift alone. so why am i here? why as the arctic become a hot spot? the world, it's physically changing beneath my neat. with global warming, the polar ice cap is melting, opening up an ocean for the first time since the ice age. this has created access to all kinds of new resources, but it's alsocreated competition at the
5:25 pm
top of the world. if the arctic sea open up, ships traditionally rely on the panama canal route can instead use the northwest passage, saving hundreds of miles and hundreds of millions of dollars. a third of the world's natural gas is believed to be underneath the polar ice cap. the arctic riches contain everything from oil to minerals to diamonds. but not everyone believes the quest for resources means competition. in i was briefed by professor lawson brigham. professor brigham's colleague from the university of calgary disagrees. >> i think at this point, we're on the cusp of becoming remilitaryized. people are thinking much more military terms than they ever did since the end of the cold war. and back at ice camp, military
5:26 pm
exercises are, indeed, underway. >> maverick, roger, this is at last, all lines delta. >> the command hut monitorings and communicates with the u.s. submarines 24 hours a day. >> that's new hampshire here. and this is the "connecticut" right here. and that's us in the middle. >> in the past, submarines had to surface to communicate. one of the systems in development allows the base camp to send text to the submarine und under the ice. >> almost like a tweet, i tweet the submarines down here, i press send, there's a microphone down there, that blasts out the sound, it sounds like crickets. >> many of operations are classified, but what we saw was an amalgam of testing and sonar all under the umbrella of
5:27 pm
testing. what's the purpose of ice-x? >> the reality is that the american navy is clearly showing that it is back. >> this is a land grab. this is the u.s. presence in the inorth. but we're not alone. other nations are rapidly building their capabilities in the arctic as well. russia is creating an arctic armed forces. just this month announcing it will deploy two army brigades, including special forces, and it has resumed strategic bomber flights over the north pole. the canadian government is building eight patrol vessels. norway is building five new frigates. in reality, the battle is not for this desolate sheet of ice i'm sitting on, the real value is beneath the surface. and that's where we're going next, on a nuclear submarine, under the ice. another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7.
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here are your headlines this hour. police in norway are not ruling out the possibility that more than one person carried out a pair of deadly terror attacks that killed at least 92 people. local media are identifying this man as the lone suspect in custody now. his name is anders behring breivik, described as a right-wing fundamentalist. at least 85 people died in a shooting at a youth camp.
5:32 pm
we're tracking developments this hour from washington on the debt ceiling talks. congressional leaders from both parties held a late-afternoon meeting, trying to forge some sort of deal. they also met for less than an hour this morning at the white house with president obama. no deal yet. but they have agreed to try to reach a compromise if the next 24 hours or so to avoid disruptions to the world financial markets. five-time grammy-winning artist, amy winehouse is dead. london police found the singer in her apartment and right now they say the cause of death is unexplained. a neighbor reportedly heard screaming coming from the house overnight. winehouse has been troubled with alcohol and drug addiction, recently cutting short her european tour after stumbling and backing incoherent on stage. winehouse was 27 years old. those are your headlines right now. now back to "cnn presents."
5:33 pm
in 2007, a scientific exploration planted a russian flag at the bottom of the arctic seabed. what some publicly dismissed as a political stunt was privately considered in some circles a sputnik-like moment. according to secret leaked cables published by wikileaks, the rest of the world began scrambling to make sure they got a piece of the arctic pie. that's how i came to be at a u.s. navy facility in the arctic circle to observe the escalating tension and activity in the region. oh, yeah. oh, that's brisk. at daybreak, we headed out to rendezvous with one of the two u.s. nuclear submarines patrolling in the arctic. you know "planes, trains and automobiles," the cnn version, ice planes, helicopters, and submarines. the helicopter dropped us and our equipment at the rendezvous
5:34 pm
site, a three-foot-thick sheet of ice. with no ocean in sight, hundreds of miles away from the nearest cell phone tour, it was hard to imagine how the submarine would find me. an "x" in the ice indicated where the submarine was to surface. then the ground started to rumble. with 18 feet of the 353-foot long subon the surface, the ground crew takes chain saws to cut their way through the ice to the hull. the then commanding officer is first up from below. >> this ship's amazing. amazing the capabilities up
5:35 pm
here. after weeks underwater, the crew took a few precious moments of fresh air, and then we loaded our gear and headed below decks. >> launch, open 4. >> open 4. >> a small camera mounted on the top of the submarine was our only visual reference that we were making a decent, 300 feet below the surface of the polar ice cap. one of the amazing things about a modern submarine is that they're almost entirely self-sufficient, like a biodome. they run on nuclear energy, which means they can virtually go forever. they make their own oxygen with this oxygen generating plant right here. they even make their own water through a process called high
5:36 pm
hydrolosis. what you end up is doing send up feeding the crew four times a day. the submarine operates on an 18-hour day. sailor gets six hours on watch, six hours off, and six hours to sleep before it start always over again. after our first meal on board, we began navigating the labyrinth-themed passage waist of the sub. i ran into officer joshua and ask what had life on the subis like. >> this is basically your home away from home. opens up, we've got a bunch of treats, different things you need, all your clothes and magazines or whatever you bring with you. you can bring any kind of snacks or whatever as long as it stays in your rack. keep it in here, keep it clean. >> space is such a commodity that every nook and cranny is used for something. finally, we descended to level three. >> we're taking you now into the
5:37 pm
torpedo room, which is the heart and soul of the submarine. >> the "uss connecticut" is an attack submarine, designed to be faster than the russian submarine, it carries 50 advance capability torpedos and tomahawk land-controlled missiles. while it runs on nuclear power, it doesn't carry nuclear weapons. its purpose is to find subs that do. reminding us of our primary reason for being here. 25 years ago, it was common for u.s. and soviet subs to be playing cat and mouse underneath the ice. but with the breakup of the soviet union, that activity ebbed. now renewed interest in the arctic has brought new players with rumors of chinese subs operating in the region as well as the old guard, u.s. and russia. as all the nations gear up, the "uss connecticut" is preparing for war beneath the sea. >> man battle stations. man battle stations.
5:38 pm
man battle stations. all stations report. >> this was just a drill, but the captain reminded the crew of the larger purpose. >> it's always good to do this, even up here while we conduct the exercises under the ice, because this is our main mission. taking this ship into harm's way and protecting our country. so great job getting on station. hooy hooya. >> after traveling thousands of miles on plains, helicopters, and submarines, we had come to a place in flux. what seemed like a cold wasteland masked a rapidly changing environment. vast resources are up for grabs in the arctic. couched in the language of diplomacy, countries are preaching corporation, but simultaneously preparing for conflict. the cold war is over, but as i
5:39 pm
disembark the submarine, i was left with the feeling that there might be type of cold war underway at the top of the world. coming up, dedicated athletes willing to do whatever it takes to hold on to the world championship title. >> you would expect a football player playing in the super bowl to play, even if he had an injury. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] more people are leaving bmw, mercedes and lexus for audi than ever before. experience the summer of audi event and get over 130 channels of siriusxm satellite radio for 3 months at no charge.
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from one! here we go! >> far from the sidelines of a football field, this defies the stereotype of what it means to be a cheerleader. >> let's go! >> it's called all-star cheerleading. it's as demanding and athletic as many sports. and in a decade, it's become with wildly popular. fiercely competitive. and for some of the 200,000 young women involved, it's become their world. >> come on! >> 17-year-old maddy gardner is one of the best all-star
5:44 pm
cheerleaders in the country. she's been competing since she was 7 years old. >> yeah, maddie, come on! >> competitive cheerleading is really more action-packed and more difficult than high school cheerleading. >> good, maddie! >> to me, it is my passion. it became my sport. and now it's my life and it's what i do and it's pretty much who i am. >> come on, guys! >> maddie trains year-round at cheer extreme in north carolina, one of the largest and most elite all-star cheerleading gyms. >> it is a big commitment to be here, you know, every day for three to four hours. i'm doing homework in the car on the way here, i'm doing homework in practice breaks. i'm taking four ap classes, so i really set high goals for myself, and i think cheerleading has really taught me that too. you know, don't settle for second best. >> do you feel like you've had
5:45 pm
to sacrifice any of your teenage years for this sport? >> i wouldn't want to be anywhere else, honestly. i mean, this is what i love to do. >> that did not count! >> her coach, courtney pope, says the dedication on maddie's team is as intense as their practices. >> more than 50% of the team live two hours away. so that means getting home from school, getting in the car at 4:00, hoping you don't get in traffic, getting here for practice at 6:00, getting home almost at midnight, and you know, starting all over again. >> maddie's team competes at regional and national events, performing 2 1/2-minute routines of powerful tumbling, high-flying stunts, and impressive teamwork. >> you are a flier. >> i am. >> the center, point flier. what does that mean? >> i am in the center of the routine for the stunting part. you, in a way, carry the stunt sequence, because the judges really focus in on the center of the routine.
5:46 pm
>> so what's the most challenging stunt you do? >> it's called a ballup 360 ticktock. >> good girl! >> i think it is the most challenging right now on the market. >> but it's one you nail? >> yeah. most the time. knock on wood. it was the first time anyone had ever done something like that, that skill last year at worlds when i performed it. >> maddie is talking about the all-star cheerleading world championship. >> it's like a gymnast going to the olympics. you know, that's their ultimate goal. >> last year maddie's stunt helped her team win a gold medal for the first time. >> it was kind of just like all this emotion exploded and i just kind of threw my body on to the floor. and it was really emotional. just relief, knowing that everything that i worked for for the past couple of years had
5:47 pm
paid off. >> the team's success turned maddie into a cheerleberty. now hundreds of fans want to be friends with her on facebook. >> i have 960 friend requests right now. >> with the 2011 championship just weeks away, maddie's team is counting on her to help them win gold again. >> you guys are going in as reigning world champions this year. >> yeah. >> the pressure must be intense. >> i definitely feel like it's harder to hold on to the top spot than it was climbing to the top last year, so it's definitely stressful. >> maddie feels the pressure perhaps more than anyone. she is still haunted by a devastating fall at the world championship in 2009. the team's mistakes cost them the gold. maddie blames herself. >> you know, it's still in the
5:48 pm
back of my mind, even though you try to push it out. i felt like i ruined it for everybody, which is some hard feelings to go through. >> three, two, one. >> so maddie pushes herself even harder, but just weeks before this year's competition, a sudden setback. >> they told me that i had sprained my acl and that other ligament. hopefully aisle be able to practice for the rest of the time leading up to worlds. ne da. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's never been easier to get the whole grain you want from your favorite big g cereals. from cheerios to lucky charms, there's whole grain in every box. make sure to look for the white check.
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5:52 pm
welcome to practice! get ready. here we go. come on! come on! come on, guys! come on, stay with it! we already know that's a mistake. you need to fix it. try it again. >> i told them to be careful! >> ow! >> the world championship of all-star cheerleading is just weeks away. and cheer extreme's chance of holding on to the title suddenly seem to be slipping away. the team star, maddie gardner,
5:53 pm
is sitting on the sidelines with a painful knee injuries. >> it's really hot. it feels like fire, honestly. when i first got hrt, i saurt, t felt like a hot knife, and it's kind of a milder version of that. >> it was bad timing. i fell out of a stunt. almost tore my acl, which would have been really bad. >> after a week of missing training, maddie cautiously takes the mat and works through the pain. >> the more i do, the worse it gets. i mean, i probably shouldn't be doing as much, but it will be worth it in the end. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> maddie's ready to do whatever it takes to hold on to their title. for the next three weeks, the team will spend four to five days a week in the gym, practicing for perfection.
5:54 pm
>> no! >> with their coach, courtney pope. >> who remembers the practice where i stood right here and we fixed every single person this way? >> every step has to be in sync. >> it is not together. this is no more synchronized than the opening was in january when we made it up. >> every flip, flawless. >> no, it's not good, and it's not good enough. they will do it over and over until they get it right. >> now, hit one and stop. you're exhausted, right? but these are the moments when worlds are won or not. do the stunt again and mean it. here we go. >> as the championship approaches, maddie's determination gets stronger. >> what are you going to do at worlds if your knee is acting up? >> you would expect a football player playing in the super bowl to play, even if he had an injury. and it's the same thing to me.
5:55 pm
i mean, this is the olympics of our sport. so, obviously, i'm going to get through it. we're not going to let anything stop us this year. >> please welcome cheer extreme all-stars senior elite. >> saturday, april 30th, 2011, the first day of the world championship. after an impressive performance, maddie gardner feels can confident going into finals the next day. >> everything was perfect. everything hit. we were on time. ♪ >> it was synchronized. all the stunts were up. it was just unbelievable. >> it's 271.1. >> but the mood suddenly changes when the team learns they're in
5:56 pm
third place. >> hey, hey, hey, hey. >> i know that we are disappointed in the ranking, but the reality is, that close, do you want to go third? >> no! >> do you want to fix it? >> yes. >> desperate to hold on to their title, they want to practice now. but it's near midnight, and there are no open gyms. >> one, two, three, and four, five, six, seven -- >> so they wake up early for an emergency practice on the golf course behind their hotel. >> you cannot, like, be jack russell terrier that decides you're going to get to your pyramid spot faster than everyone else does. >> maddie is pushing through the pain in her knee. >> you can't help but think, this is it, this is what's going to determine the success of your year. >> no more time to practice. now it's game time. >> look me in the eyes. i watch your team 700 trillion
5:57 pm
times and i know we can be even better. got it? i know we can. >> you've got to talk about it and let's all just admit that like, we're terrified. we're not like, you can't practice to a point where you're like, we absolutely have this, because who knows what's going to happen? >> backstage, the team tries to calm their nerves. >> yeah, yeah, got it, got it, senior, elite. >> one, two, three! >> from north carolina, senior elite! >> part two, evolution. we are senior elite. ♪ >> it begins near perfect. then maddie's famous stunt comes
5:58 pm
crashing down. . watching the replay is tough. it wasn't the team's only mistake, and they know the gold medal is probably out of reach. >> walk me through what happened here at worlds today? >> i felt ready, but i didn't feel like i knew i should. first part of the routine was just awesome. when it came to my specialty stunt, it kind of went bad. the -- i don't really know what happened. >> all right. we're moving on to the globes. the top three teams. the bronze champion, cheer extreme all-stars. >> after all the dedication, sweat, and sacrifice, it's hard to hear they aren't world
5:59 pm
champions. their rivals take home the gold. >> it's hard not to feel like it was your fault. pretty much going to this, all we had to do was hit and we could win, and that just -- it wasn't happening for us. >> maddie, she'll be fine. maddie's a brilliant genius and it takes setbacks and you know, disappointments to really get to the best of who we all can can be. and she's going to be something fantastic. >> it's an emotional end to a year of intense pressure and grueling training. but practice is starting all over for the next season, and maddie will go for the gold again. >> maybe now that, you know, we're not on top, we can come back next year and take it back. but we'll just see what happens. i wouldn't consider not comin


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